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Neues Schweizer Viertel Berlin
Residing in the Park

The open space concept uses the motifs of the surrounding villa properties, where the entire outdoor area including the street, building and property is regarded as a large park with individual gardens in between. The residential quarter sets precedents for housing design in Berlin. The arrangement of this new settlement takes place through the continued development of the existing boulevards. Each residential street is characterised by an unique tree – tulip tree, trumpet tree, horse chestnut, ailanthus, cherry, magnolia, red and white thorn – and thus becomes an unmistakable ‘green address’. Intensively designed garden modules for groups of three to four houses include the functional units of the front garden, house tree, ornamental garden, recreational areas for relaxing and playgrounds for small children. Gardens for the tenants and lawns with individual trees situated alongside the ground floor characterise the generous free space. Fences are deliberately avoided to strengthen the park character.

Project Open spaces for a row house and villa development, Neues Schweizer Viertel, Berlin, Germany, 2002
Client Schweizer Viertel Grundstücks GmbH
Architects Assmann, Salomon und Scheidt, Städtebau
Kai Wieland, Architektur
Area 14 ha
Project Team Nicole Uhrig, Bernd Kusserow, Christoph Strauß