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paths and stairs which lead to the main entrance while passing by the terraces planted with typical hedges from the 50´s which include juniper, dogwood, cherry laurel and firethorn. Perennials and ornamental cherry trees add colour to the planting beds. The plaza at the main entrance could become a favourite meeting place with benches and geometrically shaped plane trees. A long promenade surrounds the building from east to west and is partly accompanied by columnar hornbeam trees that form a landmark in the landscape. The preservation of the „ Haus der Begegnung“ is a visible sign that Königstein maintains old traditions and offers cordial relationships in the globalized world.

Client Magistrat der Stadt Königstein
Architects architekten
Area 0,37 ha
Project Team Martina Kibler, Uwe Großkopf
Date 2009 - 2010