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 €˜Bunjodkor Tashkent €™ arranged the Brazilian star  €˜Rivaldo €™ and positioned the trainer Scolari in the summer of 2008. 7 training fields and a sporting school for 200 students and ins framed on the left and right sides by a 400 m long promenade, framed by columnar oaks, along a water basin and the park. Ornamental cherry trees border the north-south running walkways. At night, the fountains sparkle in the water basin and at the small waterfalls play with the light and sprinkle the magic of the orient as an international calling card.

Client City of Tashkent
Architects gmp International GmbH – architects and engineers
Area 33,5 ha
Project Team Tobias Micke, Trevor Sears, Iris Kopp