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façade lends inspiration for the decorative paving pattern and creates a formal frame for the Mayakovsky statue. Further attractions, like concerts, markets and festivals can take place here. At night, recessed lighting illuminates the square. The slightly raised far corner of the square provides spectacular views over the highway tunnel entrance towards the city of Moscow. To contrast the stone square, a green garden parterre is slightly sunken and situated in front of the Architecture Institute and Hotel Beijing. Beneath tall trees, hedges surround the garden, giving the feeling of security and peace. Forms from the Russian constructivism movement influence the pool, playground, lawns and small kiosks. Visitors of the Hotel Beijing can enjoy a special visual experience of the parterre garden and new open space ensemble.

Client MAS Capital Management, Moscow
Architects Kleihues + Kleihues
Area 1,60 ha
Project Team Trevor Sears, Matthias Werner, Lydia Sorin
Date 2014