are a diverse group of people from all the corners of the world. Each team member plays a crucial role in the office, whether they are a landscape architect, a technician, a trainee, a student, an intern, a cleaning staff member, a manager or a director. We help each other out, making our work enjoyable. We celebrate success as a team.

Office profile

ST raum a. BgR was founded by the landscape architects Stefan Jäckel and Tobias Micke in 1991, and was developed into a GmbH (LLC) in 2001. Today the business is led by owners and directors Stefan Jäckel, Katrin Klingberg and Tobias Micke. Our office is situated in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin and our team is comprised of approximately 30 highly qualified team members who participate in project work, competition work and administration. It goes without saying that the use of digital tools is integral to our work process. Our Quality Management System, which ensures the transparent documentation of the development of the projects we participate in, has been certified by TÜV Rheinland since 2019.

We offer a broad spectrum of services in the realm of landscape architecture, encompassing all architectural and engineering service phases. We pride ourselves in our strength in concept development, in creative design, in the tender and allocation of construction contracts, in construction and cost management and in construction supervision. As a general planner we guarantee a cost-effective and on-schedule project execution. Our clients are supported in a comprehensive and efficient manner from the initial concept to the conclusion of the project.

Our most important values are the fostering of an open and transparent culture of communication and an equitable relationship with our clients, project partners and employees.


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Office life

At ST Raum a. we have a monthly communal lunch, at which we enjoy home-made food prepared by all of the team members.

The highlight of the summer is our annual trip, which is usually two days long. Together, we explore interesting areas by bike or by boat, and strengthen personal relationships with excellent food and by taking in the beautiful landscape together.

At the end of the year we host a Christmas party, which nurtures the soul with a little something for everyone.

Further benefits include daily fresh fruit and a selection of hot and cold drinks.